Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Year...

It's hard to believe we're at the end of 2011.  Like many people, I always find myself rather reflective as the new year approaches.  I look back at this year and I think "wow".  It's been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows.  I'm thankful to be ending 2011 on one of the highs.  More importantly, it was a year filled with blessings, even from the most unexpected of places.

I know I sound like a broken record because I've said this many times, but I very firmly believe a person's outlook and the ability to be gracious plays a major part in their overall well-being.  In fact, if I had to pick just one positive MS has brought into my life, it's gratitude.  When people ask me how I seem to keep an optimistic perspective despite some of the craptastic stuff that's been thrown at me, I always respond the same way: I believe that because of MS, I don't take the little things in life for granted that most healthy people do.  Losing some aspects of my life to MS has made me so incredibly grateful for all the good that remains.

As 2011 draws to a close, that is my challenge to you- be grateful.  Take a look at the last year and find reasons to be thankful.  It doesn't have to be huge earth shattering things- even seemingly small things. Even if it's something as simple as discovering a flower that grows wild in your yard, or learning to cook a new dish you really liked.  Make a list of a minimum of 10 things you are grateful for.  You'll be surprised how much comes to mind when you start really thinking about it, and as a result, how good that realization will make you feel inside.

Happy New Year!  Make being grateful a resolution for 2012 :)

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