Wednesday, May 27, 2009

World MS Day

As the number of documented cases of Multiple Sclerosis grows, so does awareness. With that, today has been officially recognized as the first annual "World MS Day".

So, what does that mean? It means that the various MS organizations world wide are finally starting to work together for a greater cause. It means today is the day to take a moment of your day, and educate another about what MS is. It means today is the day those of us with MS band together in hope that maybe, just maybe, this will be the last annual World MS Day because a cure will be found.

What am I doing for it personally? Well, I have an orange "Find a Cure" ribbon magnet on the back of my car, which is always there. I also pretty much always wear one of my two MS bracelets. Heh, and of course, I'm updating this blog. A lot of you know I have been a resident of the virtual world "Second Life" for a few years now. In Second Life, I am a member of a couple MS support and activism group. I always have a post on my profile talking about MS. But today, in honor of World MS Day, my cute little character is walking around with a tag announcing what day it is, and she's wearing orange. This may sound funny to some, but honestly? Second Life is where I find the most opportunities to educate on MS. I meet dozens, if not hundreds, of people from around the world. Many many more than I would ever meet in my real life. I am quite open about having MS, which actually does quite a lot to call attention to it. Why? Because my current avatar is a hot little blond neko, who looks anything but "sick". It's a perfect example of decieving looks can be, and how just because someone looks healthy doesn't mean that they are.

So... that is my challenge to everyone reading this. Take just a few minutes of your day, and educate someone about MS. Together, through education and research, I know one day we will find a cure.

Be Well All!

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