Monday, March 2, 2009

All Geeked Up- Welcome to Insomnia Hell

Well, GREAT news and some massive annoyance. Great first.

The 3 day IV infusion of the steroids went well. I could tell a HUGE difference within hours of day ones. By the end of day 3, Wayne says I was "power walking" everywhere. LOL. Honestly, I have not been this free of MS symptoms in about 8 months. I know it won't last and I'll eventually go back to my baseline, but needless to say I am thoroughly enjoying the break while it's here. I'm even taking Morgan shopping at the mall (yes, the mall, don't faint) tonight. Something I haven't had the strength to do in well... years.

As I mentioned before, my MSRS score (MS severity score) was a 25 before the relapse. At the middle of it, it was a 53. I just got my top score at the worst of the relapse- which was a whopping 71. (yes that's very bad). Thanks to the IV infusion- my MSRS is now a 17. That is the lowest it's ever been since being diagnosed. In fact, that's incredibly low, period.

Now... this is coming at a cost. It is now about 4pm Monday afternoon, and I've slept a total of 9 hours since 8am Friday morning. I'm averaging about 3 hours a sleep a day. Yesterday I was up at 8:30am, and didn't finally sleep til 10am this morning, and then it was a very fitfull, restless sleep for maybe 3 hours. I mean to tell ya, I used to be quite the little 'party girl' many years ago, and I've NEVER been this wired and geeked up in my life. Yeah the energy is a nice change, but right now I am so tired yet wide awake. It's hard to explain. It's like my eyes are so heavy, and my poor body is begging for sleep, yet I simply can't. I'm now on 60mg of oral steroids, that will slowly taper down over the next 20 days til I'm off entirely. Which, obviously is a lot better than 1000mg straight into the bloodstream via IV once a day for 3 days, but man. This is some seriously rough stuff. I have to stop at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription refill, and I'm going to ask the pharmacist if there's any OTC sleep aids I can safely take with all my other current drugs. ANYTHING to actually sleep!

So, that's where I'm at. Loving the lack of MS symptoms, but feeling like a speed freak that's just topped off some pills with some crystal meth and a side of crack for good measure. Heh, anyone want to place wages what the 'crash' from all these roids is gonna be? I'm guessing I'll eventually pass out for about 24 hours straight. At least.

Be well all... I'm off to run a marathon! Muahaha!

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