Saturday, February 21, 2009

Went to the neurologist...

I went back to my neurologist yesterday- she said it's not a relapse, more like a 'flare-up'. She said in order for it to be classified as a true relapse, there has to be a significant appearance of new symptoms, or old ones acting up to being debilitating. She said flare-ups will happen, they can be brought on by the tiniest reasons. Stress, illness, infection. I guess some people with spinal lesions will even get a flare-up from just moving wrong.

I told her I'd had a tooth pulled on Tuesday, and she said she bet that's why I had this flare up. I told her the visit itself went really well- but that I was stressing and freaking about the appointment bad because my previous visit was horrific. She asked if I was in pain from the tooth- I said yes, and it's like my body got confused and started sending the pain signals all over that side of my face, so it was very very painful. She nodded and goes "yeah, there's your flare-up. Stress, pain, possibly even some infection in the tooth."

*sighs*... so while I'm relieved it's not a relapse (aka, new lesions on my brain essentially), it's a bit disheartening too. I mean, it takes so little to make me feel like complete crap. It's like an oxymoron- you have a disease that compromises your immune system, and the drugs to treat the disease compromise your immune system even more, but don't get sick or an infection or you'll make the disease angry! *laughs* OOhh and yeah, we know you have a life-long history of internalizing stress to the point it manifests physically, but don't stress out either or that's gonna piss off the disease too. I'm starting to wonder if that's the hidden reason I'm all these drugs- to stupify myself so much I'm not capable of going out and getting sick or thinking enough to stress.

Oh and she did put me on something for nerve pain (Neurontin) as well as up the dosage on the med for muscle spasticity/pain (Baclofen). Good and bad there- the good is the fact I slept for a good six hours straight without waking up last night. That is HUGE- I can't remember the last time I did that. Normally I wake up every 60-90 minutes because of pain. But...oh my gosh, taking both drugs together? Holy crap, who needs pot when you have that combination? LOL! I'm not kidding, I was freak'n stoned last night. Poor Wayne- God bless him- we're sitting on the couch watching TV. He's talking away, and I finally look at him and go "Baby, I love you, but I am only comprehending like every 10th word you're saying. I am doped up and dazed".

He started laughing... and being the smart ass he is, he goes "couch, table, cup, speaker, pillow, Eme, Oscar, pencil, pen, I, computer, drugs, mouse, picture, candle, pop, coffee, heart, glass, LOVE, paper, popcorn, kids, roses, cross, door, window, curtains, television, YOU.

Of course that point I seriously thought my poor fragile brain would implode...and after staring blankly at him for like 2 minutes in total confusion... I figured it out, and couldn't help but laugh. See, this is what I get for marrying a quick-witted dork. *laughs hard* But it's also one of the reasons I love him so much. :D

So anyway... that's the latest. I do feel a bit better this morning, maybe the sleep helped. In the meantime, my doc said to take the next 4-5 days and literally do nothing. No housework, no errands, nothing but sit around and sleep as much as possible. She said tons of rest is the best thing for my body right now so this flare-up doesn't somehow turn into a full-blown relapse. LOL...yeah like I'm doing much beyond that anyway. Kinda hard to be productive when you are dizzy, exhausted, have both hands acting wonky, and feel like your brain is in a cloud.

Be well all and I'll update soon :)
*hugs* Mis


  1. Hey, kiddo:
    Your mom sent me a link and I just read through your blog. I wanted to be the first to post an "atta girl." You keep writing. I'll keep reading.
    Uncle Don

  2. Hi Uncle Don!

    Wow you really read a lot if you commented all the way back here. *laughs*. It's good to hear from you. :) Send me a message or email anytime