Wednesday, February 25, 2009


First, this is gonna be a short post, as what they thought was a 'flare-up' is actually a full blown relapse. I am in bad shape. They have this thing they score your level disability/symptoms with based on what you are experiencing and how severe they are. Mine has jumped from a 25 to a 53 in a matter of days. I can't talk, think, walk, use my hands, or even see for shit right now.

But- the good news is- I don't have Lupus!!!! I went to the specialist on Monday, and he did a very thorough exam and went over my tests, and he's convinced it's a false positive and I don't have it. THANK GOD!!!! Needless to say, that is a huge weight off my chest.

They are coming to the house to administer IV steroids for 3 days in a row, that should significantly reduce the swelling in my brain and make this relapse in end a lot faster. So, I will post again once my brain is actually functioning a bit better.

*hugs* Mis

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