Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Possible cure for MS?

Yes, possible cure for MS.

Researchers at Northwestern University may have actually found a way to at the very least COMPLETELY halt the progression of the disease and reverse ALL symptoms, if not a cure for it.

Have a read and watch the video clip:


Essentially, they take the patients own stem cells, kill the patients immune system with chemo therapy, then infuse their manipulated stem cells back into the person.

The result? All 21 patients in the initial study have now been 100% disease and symptom free for THREE YEARS.

The interview with one man in the link above is astounding. For one, MS typically hits men a lot harder than it does women. At the time he took part in the study, his neurologist feared he'd be wheelchair bound in less than a year because he was progressing so rapidly. Now? He's had no more lesions on his MRI's, no trace of MS in his spinal fluid, no MS symptoms whatsoever, not even taken a single MS medication in three years. THREE YEARS!! He says while they can't call it a 'cure' just yet until a larger study is done (which is in progress), but as far as he is concerned- he's cured.

For the first time since being diagnosed, I have hope. Great hope. :D

*Hugs* -Mis

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