Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fatigue is kicking my ass...

You know, it got quite a bit better for awhile. I was actually getting out more again. But this last week, fatigue is BIG TIME kicking my ass. Imagine being in a deep sleep, maybe even dreaming. Then there's a loud noise that suddenly wakes you up. You're startled, a little confused, groggy as hell, and chances are if the noise was nothing to worry about you can lay down and be back asleep within minutes. how I feel all the time lately. I sleep 10+ hours a night, get up awhile. Lay down, take a 2 hour nap. Get up...still feel like crap...lay down again for another nap. Get up... count the minutes til bedtime...and back asleep. It's really bad. I hate it.

Thank God for Wayne. He's been doing pretty much all the driving of the kids, all the shopping, really everything outside of the house. I'm very blessed to have a husband so supportive and empathetic. I read so many horror stories on the MS sites I go to, spouses that are so uncaring and impatient with their MS stricken wives or husbands. I am truly blessed to have a husband that is so very good to me. Wayne NEVER complains- no matter how much of the slack he's forced to pick up, no matter how tired and useless I get, no matter how rough things get with my illness. He is truly my source of strength and comfort through this ordeal. I honestly don't think I'd have done half as well as I am without him helping me through every step of the way. Things may not always be easy or even fun in our marriage- but at the end of the day it's him who calms my fears and gives me a safe place to be vulnerable and weak. I am so thankful for that and for him.

And on that note... I need a nap. *laughs* I am about falling asleep even as I type this. But...that's where I am right now. Completely exhausted.

More later when I'm awake!

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