Saturday, February 7, 2009

The cost of 'living' seriously in shock right now. I think I know why my insurance company was fighting so hard to not have to pay for my MS meds. Are you ready for this?

The cost of Copaxone- the drug I take via injection daily- is $23,800 per year!!!

I broke it down even more. That means it's $1,983 per month. $65 per shot.

Is that not completely INSANE??? My gosh, that's more than some people even make in a year. I mean the sad reality is, for what my medication costs per year, you could house and feed a small family for a year.

I'm sorry, but when I saw the actual monetary value, it was just so shocking. So of course, that got me to thinking about what my healthcare costs as a whole will cost to treat MS.

This is the breakdown per year (roughly)

Copaxone: $23,800
Neurologist Visits: $2,300
PCP Visits: $1,000
MRI: $800
Baclofen: $520
Supplements: $360

Total so far: $28,780 per year

NOW...mind you. That is so far. I still don't have the antidepressants or anti-fatigue meds yet. That is also not including any additional MRI's that could be ordered, the rheumatologist visit, specialist visit, or any subsequent visits I may have to make to both. Not to mention blood work that will likely be ordered more than a few times over the next year.

And if I do turn out to have Lupus? *cringes*

So really... I'm guessing my healthcare for the coming year will end up costing between $30,000-$35,000. If I end up admitted to the hospital for any nasty relapses, add about $10K.

Now after all that...what's my point, you're wondering?

How, in God's green earth, did the cost of simply living with a disease end up so astronomical? At what point in our society did it become acceptable to make a huge profit off of others' illnesses? To me it's both astounding and saddening. At least I have some insurance coverage, even if they do overall suck. What happens to those without any at all? Do they choose living over housing and food? Or...are they forced to simply sit back...and die?

I don't know what the answer is, but I do know I felt I had to bring light to this topic. Healthcare in our country is completely out of control. The insurance companies have more say over your care than your doctor does, and the costs are unreal. Something needs to be done.

Food for thought! :D

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  1. Melissa, now you know exactly what our elderly face. Take your grandmother. She takes more medications than she ever has in her life and there is no drug coverage. She gets a "discount" through medicare. It's a joke. Pharmaceutical and oil companies own our government, plain and simple.