Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally... a doctor with a brain as well as a heart

I am very pleased to say, I have finally found a neurologist that appears to have a heart to match her brain. I went to see her this morning, and the entire experience was a stark contrast to my visit to the first neurologist a few weeks ago. I wasn't left waiting for hours, I wasn't shuffled around, and *gasps!* she even listened to me when I spoke. (yes, don't faint from shock, she listened!)

She went over my medical history not only since August when this really started, but the last couple of years. She said she's certain I've had this at least 6-8 months, if not over a year. She also said even though the MRI didn't include my neck, she's be willing to bet money I have a lesion on my spine at the base of my skull as well as the two on my brain. It was almost a little saddening, as during her exam she found symptoms I didn't even know I had. For instance, I apparently have blind spots in my peripheral vision. It's also a good thing I don't drink, as I would never pass a field sobriety test by a cop.

I do have to have a spinal tap on December 10th. I was really hoping to avoid that. *sighs* The doctor said while she's certain I do in fact have MS, she wants to be clinically certain as well before putting my body through the rough MS medications. She also said this would help me get disability, as they won't be able to deny it on the basis of tests left undone. Heh, I told her about the last doctor wanting to test me for Lyme's disease, and she said nothing but shot me the ultimate 'are-you-kidding-me?' type of look. I just chuckled and go "yeah I know, I so seem the outdoorsy let's go hang out with deer type, huh?" She also thought the tests he wanted to do on my eyes and muscle strength were pointless as well. As she put it "We know you have MS. We know you have optic neurosis and muscle weakness. The extent of both is irrelevant at this point, and putting you through more tests just delays the treatment you need"

That... was what really won me over with her. No needless tests just to milk more money.

The final thing that won me? In all of this mess, she is the first doctor to sit down and actually explain what Multiple Sclerosis is to me. Yeah I already knew, but it was still so nice that she took the time to explain. She added that she's glad to see I'm going into a remission right now, because that helps her to rule out Primary Progressive and be confident I am, in fact, Relapse/Remitting. She said at our next visit after the spinal tap results, we'll discuss the medications and what I can expect from them.

Overall, I'm feeling very optimistic. I already have a great primary care doctor, and now I have a good neurologist as well. To me, that alone is half the battle. Finding good care that goes beyond my physical symptoms to the woman actually experiencing them.

Be well all!
*hugs*- Mis

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