Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being Thankful

With Thanksgiving being only two days away, I find myself looking at my life, and asking "What am I thankful for this year?" Surprisingly? Lots.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family. Not only my husband Wayne and children Morgan and Joshua, but my Mom, Dad, my brother Andy, and my nephew Matty. Everyone has been so supportive of me during these last few years. Heck, my parents and brother have been my whole life. I look around me, and I know how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by such unconditional love and people pouring their strength into me- especially when I am at my weakest. I talk about my amazing husband and kids here in this blog a lot- you all know how awesome they are. But I don't mention my parents and brother enough.

My Mom... bless her heart. I put myself in her shoes, and I can imagine the pain and fear she must feel seeing her daughter fight a disease like MS. I know I'd have had nervous breakdown if I had to watch my own daughter go through this (God forbid). Like all good mothers, she makes me crazy hovering. LOL. I say to her at least once a week "Mom, I'm a 35 year old grown woman, I think I can handle it". She offers to drive me to appointments, take time off work to take care of my kids while I go for testing, take me shopping when I can't go by myself. Heck, she even does our laundry for us to save us the expense of going to a laundry mat. But I know all her hovering is because she loves me so much, and in her helplessness of having to watch her child struggle, she simply wants to do all she can. Thank you, Mom. I may not always show it, but I know you try so hard for me, and I love you very much.

My Dad... I have always been blessed to have an exceptionally close relationship with my father. Even from thousands of miles away, my dad is always there support me and listen. I can not tell you how many times I've called my dad either raging or in tears... and I always hang up the phone feeling better and calmer. My dad is, and always has been, my 'voice of reason' in life. He taught me what unconditional love was by his example from before I could walk or talk. My whole life, I knew in my dad's eyes I was 'perfect'. That's not to say he didn't know my faults and try to help me through them- but through my faults his unconditional love for me made me 'perfect' just as I am regardless. He's even helped us out financially more times than I can count. I'd be lost without him. Thank you Dad, for giving me such a precious gift of yourself in life. I love you.

My Brother, Andy... it's funny, growing up we hated each other. LOL. Oh Lord we'd fight nonstop and horribly. Then one day... we grew up. Now, I am so blessed to be able to look at my brother, and know not only is one of my very best friends, but would be even if he weren't my brother. I have so much respect for my brother, he's raised my nephew Matty alone since Matty was a year old. He has struggled and fought so hard to give his son a good life, made so many sacrifices, pushed himself to exhaustion in the name of love for his son. I tell ya what, if there were more fathers out there like Andy, this world would be an infinitely better place. And even through all his own life struggles, he is always there for me, even more worried for me than he is himself. Andy is truly the type that would give you the shirt off his own back in the middle of a blizzard. He is by far, one of the most unselfish, giving, loving people I've ever been blessed to know. How lucky am I, to be able to call such an outstanding man both my brother and best friend. Thanks Andy, for growing up to be someone that inspires me daily to better myself, and for always being there for me. I love you.

Multiple Sclerosis has changed my life forever, things will never be the same. But even through all the fear, anger, and sorrow I struggle with as I cope with this disease, I still have the ability to look around me and see how truly blessed I am.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! May God bless you all with as much love in your life as I have.


  1. OK, now I'm crying....AGAIN!!! Anyone that reads this will know it is her family that's blessed to have this wonderful woman in their lives. And yes, we certainly have our "moments"...lol....just ask Melissa how deadly I can be with a bag of frozen hamburger buns!!!

    I've loved you Melissa from the moment I knew I was pregnant with you and I will forever.


    (aka The Laundry Lady)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! You know, Jen and I still burst into fits of laughter when we talk about that. You were SO furious with me for sneaking out while I was grounded, that you tried to whallop me with whatever was in your hand at the time. And it happened to be frozen hamburger buns. And instead of instilling the fear you intended to- Jen and I just started crying in laughing as the buns flew all over the kitchen. Which of course, pissed you off even more making it even funnier. LMAO.

  3. Yeah, just keep laughing Mis.....hmmmm....Morgan is how old???? Payback is so sweet.....haha...... She's already got the eye rolling down......can't wait....I've dreamed of this moment for YEARS!!! How does that saying go?? He who laughs last.....haha....

  4. Mis, We really did go after each other as kids didn't we. Even then though when push came to shove you were always there for me. I remember you attempting to hide me in a toy box because I was in serious trouble for something. I also remember covering the hole I made in your door so I wouldn't get into trouble. Matter in fact dad didn't find that hole in the door until years later when the house was sold and we were moving out....lol.. Thanks for the encouraging words. They really mean a lot coming from someone whom I respect and love so much. I really needed to hear them today as well. I am proud of you Mis, Your perseverance through not only the MS but everything else you have on your plate is going to pay off many times over. Its also going to bare good fruits in Morgan and Joshua's life as well. When they run up against trials and tribulation in their own life's they are going to know what it takes to push through. I talked to Joshua yesterday and am amazed how much he is growing up. I told him I heard he is really rocking it big time at school. All proudly he said yeah I am and then proceeded to tell me a few 100 knock knock jokes he made up. He really likes the knock knock jokes..lol. He is such a great kid. We really are lucky to be blessed with such wonderful kids. I wish we lived closer Mis. Matt is always asking about Joshua. Those to are going to be close one day like you and Heather were as kids. Well its late and i am tired, I love you so much and will call you tomorrow. send my love to the family and I will talk to you soon Mis.

    P.S. It is kinda cool how we are not only sibling but friends.don't see that much now days.