Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yay I can see!! XD

I am typing this without one lens covered, and with both eyes open! YAY!!!!! *does a happy dance*

Yup my attack is subsiding slowly. Last night, I realized my eyes were trying to focus more than ever. So I reluctantly removed the tape from my lens. Now mind you, my eyes were still going from double to single, but I knew they were really trying to focus and work together. Today, I haven't had to tape my lens all day. I can even drive! Granted my vision isn't "normal" yet, for instance I can't read street signs at all, and have a very hard time with lights at night (traffic lights, tail lights, etc). I had to increase my font on my PC too- I simply can't read small print. BUT... at least I can see just one of the world again... even if it is still a little blurry. I just have to close my eyes and rest them every few hours because they start throbbing and aching from the strain of trying to relearn to focus.

And, I notice a definite improvement when walking, too. I don't feel nearly as unbalanced and unsteady. I am still struggling with going up or down steps and maneuvering tight areas, but at least I can walk across a room without feeling like I'm gonna fall on my bottom.

Heh... I can actually pass off as a "normal" person again at the very least. ;)

So I am keeping a log of my attacks, what they consist of, and how long they last. This one it's been two weeks today since my vision went double and I was vomiting in the ER from dizziness. If I had to guess, I think I'll have remitted completely within another week. That's not bad really, considering my last attack lasted a good 6 weeks. The one before that 8 weeks, and that one actually overlapped the second one.

Anyway, I'm keeping this blog short as I want to go watch a movie with Wayne and Morgan. But, I wanted to share my happy news with you all. :)

Be well All!! -Mis

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